1. Pick up the bottle on the ground, the note in Alice's pocket, and her leg bone.
2. Pick up the handle of the shovel and the rock on the ground.
3. Pick up the card inside the crack on the wall.
4. Use the rock to sharpen the bone.
5. Use the sharpened bone to pick the blue door's lock.
6. Go inside of the open black chest.
7. Fill the bottle with acid from the tree stump.
8. Use the playing card in the card reader on the door.
9. Use the bottle of acid to remove the web.
10. Use the broken broom handle with the sap on the tree. Then combine the sticky handle with the shard of glass from the broken jar to make a spear.
11. Use the spear on the caterpillar to recieve a bell and key.
12. Return to Alice's body. Use the caterpillar's monocle to read the writing on the walls. Starting from the top right corner in the room with Alice's body. Record the numbers and keep going right.
13. Once you have the combo, return to the green door. Use the key.
14. Enter the following numbers into the suitcase: 829203