1. Get the BRICK
2. Get the PENNY from the sewer
3. Open the keypad. You can either:
4. Bash it with the BRICK or open it with the PENNY
5. Read the diary for more information on the story
6. Click the answering machine.
7. Call The Hatter with your PHONE.
8. Pick up the PIPE by the exit door.
9. Talk to the green guy (Rulio).
10. Give Rulio a PENNY and get a MUSHROOM.
11. Dispose of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb. You can either poison them with the mushroom or bash them with the pipe.
12. Put the PIPE in the dumpster.
13. Go into the nightclub.
14. Click the thermostat.
15. Set the temperature to 90.
16. Call the number on the mirror in the bathroom.
17. Go back to the kitchen and click the open area on the slot machine.
18. Change the odds to 1:1.
19. Return to the bathroom.
20. Click the far right stall.
21. Click the elevator.
22. Find the tapes.
23. The first one's location is random. It's either on the table in the lab, on a table in the main room of the nightclub, under the door of the first stall, or on the table near the bouncers.
24. The second is in the dumpster.
25. Rulio has the third.
26. Return to the lab and insert each tape into the VCR.
27. Go to the elevator.
28. Open the lower middle drawer under the sink in the bathroom.
29. Return to the elevator.
30. Stay tuned after the credits